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  • Natural Foods to Fight Off Colds and Flu

    The flu and cold season is upon us. If you live anywhere like I do, a lot of people are getting sick left and right. The main focus is to keep you healthy and feeling strong. No one wants to miss a day or two because they have the flu. Ultimately, you can’t completely keep yourself from getting sick but you can lower your chances. Here are some great natural foods that help to boost your immune system and help to fight away the sickness.


    I’m sure you’ve heard many times to take vitamin C when you get sick. Vitamin C is a huge fighter of the common cold so by adding more citrus fruits into your diet, which are not only delicious but packed full of vitamin C, you can decrease your risk of getting sick.

    Sweet Potatoes

    I’m sure many of you are happy to see this one on the list. Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene which helps to increase T cell, or a type of white blood cell, function within the body. Not only are they a great complex carbohydrate for training but they can also help keep you healthy throughout the year.

    Pumpkin Seeds

    The main nutrient that helps when it comes to cold and flu season with pumpkin seeds is Zinc. Zinc is not only great for boosting the immune system but it has also been shown to help shorten the duration of your could should you unfortunately get sick. Pumpkin seeds also contain a large amount of antioxidants which can help keep the body healthy as well.


    Mushrooms tend to either be loved or hated by most people; however, mushrooms help to increase the production of antiviral proteins which help to fight off many pesky infections. They can be a great fighter against those pesky respiratory infections that never seem to go away.


    Ginger is a great because it contains certain chemicals that help to calm a stuffy nose and suppress those persistent scratchy throats. Ginger is great to add into any of your everyday meals to help add a boost of immune support and if you are sick a great way to help naturally treat some of the cold side effects.

    Cold and flu season is frustrating, but by adding some simple foods into your diet you can help to keep the germs away. The great thing about many of these foods is that they are very common and already used by many of us. Keep your diet clean and your immune system up!
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    1. shrivelled's Avatar
      shrivelled -
      could of done with this afew weeks ago lol
    1. MBB's Avatar
      MBB -
      Apple Cider Vinegar and Manuka Honey drink also works wonders.
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