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  • What Is Intuitive Eating?

    There are so many diets out on the market these days it is hard to keep up. Frankly, 95% of diets fail because they are not something attainable that can be maintained in a normal life. Let’s face it; no one likes to get up all their enjoyment when it comes to food. To have success in weight loss (or just leaning down) you have to make sustainable life changes that don’t restrict too hard and can be maintained. If you are around the fitness industry, you may have heard of intuitive eating.

    What is intuitive eating?

    The basis of intuitive eating is to help teach you how to have an overall healthy relationship with food. It allows you to learn more about your body and become the true owner over it. There is a lot of frustration with many out there of emotional eating, and intuitive eating aims to help you be able to learn and acknowledge that. The basic idea is that you will learn to respond to your body cues and know when your body needs to eat. Their belief is that your judgment is clouded from years of dieting, restricting and having an unhealthy relationship when it comes to food.

    The basic principles behind intuitive eating:

    Honoring Hunger

    The goal of intuitive eating is to help you to avoid getting to the point of being extremely hungry and then automatically over eating. It focused on keeping your body adequately fueled with the right foods and learning the signs of your body that it needs food, without getting to the point of extreme hunger.

    Knowing When to Stop

    Going right along with not letting yourself get too hungry, it also focuses on knowing when to stop and what is enough for your body. Their belief is that your body will begin to give you signals when you are comfortable and full. A lot of this has to do with slowing down during your meals.

    Dealing with Emotions without Food

    Many people struggle with emotional eating, and intuitive eating aims to teach you how to channel those emotional issues into other outlets that don’t involve food. As we all know food does little to fix emotional feelings, so by finding ways to channel these issues into other healthy areas we are able to come to a better place with food.


    We all have that inner voice inside our head that says “you can’t have this” or “I can’t believe I just ate that.” Intuitive eating focus on challenging that mentality which they believe comes from the overabundance of diets out there today. It’s goal is to take restrictions away but to help you to really be in control over your body and your food choices.

    Intuitive eating is a great tool especially for those who have struggled with their relationship with food. It may not be for everyone, but for those who really need to gain control over their body and knowing its signals it can be life changing. It’s a great mentality but it can be hard for some to change. Stick with it if you are someone who has struggled with your relationship with food and you can not only have amazing physical results, but mental and emotional as well!
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