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  • Knowing Your Body's Food Signals

    I posted yesterday about intuitive eating. The key with that and really a good thing for anyone to know is what your hunger signs and full signs are. This helps you recognize what your body needs. It takes some trial and error a lot of time with your body, and it is important to remember that it is not the same for everyone. Some people have more of the obvious signs while others are more subtle.

    Let’s start with hunger.

    The obvious signs of hunger are the emptiness in your stomach, trouble concentrating, weakness, tiredness and sometimes even feeling cold. Of course, usually when they are at this stage you probably should have already eaten by then. One of the ways to begin to learn your body is to track your food.

    You will learn what keeps your body full as well as when your body needs food. If you stick to a somewhat normal schedule most days you will begin to notice obvious patterns that can help you determine when you need to be eating. I like to eat 3 meals and 2 smaller snacks throughout the day. There are some that just eat 3 really large meals – it comes down to knowing what your body needs.

    How do you know when you are fully?

    The first thing we all need to do is SLOW DOWN. It takes time for your body to signal that you are full so that is why many of us end up over eating. I usually try to make sure to take 15-20 minutes for your meal that way your body has time to alert you when you are feeling full. On top of that you should never go into a meal completely empty and hungry. This is another common way to end up over eating. Another reason to know your body and learn to feed it based on what works best for you.

    Obvious signs of overeating are feeling sluggish, pressure and discomfort in your stomach and you are no longer enjoying the food that you are eating. You want to eat until you feel satisfied and are no longer feel the hunger sensations.

    They key with your knowing your body is being able to discern the real cues from the “false cues.” We all “crave” foods during the day (you know the foods you really shouldn’t have) but that doesn’t mean that we are hungry. Sometimes its good to give into your cravings and other times, they should stay just that – a craving.

    The keys to not overeating and knowing your body’s cues are slowing down and eating how your body needs to. Don’t just go and eat when you are starving keep your body fueled throughout the day which will also help to keep your blood sugar levels stabilized as well.
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