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  • Sexy Bikini Body Workout Part 3: Tricep Dips

    Our Sexy Bikini Body workout utilizes two different types of dips. The first one we'll be going over is the tricep dip. This exercise will get your arms toned, tightened, and looking great.

    Check out the Video for a detailed look!

    Use a bench or some other low, flat object. Face away from the bench, place your hands on it, and lower yourself down to a sitting position. If you're a beginner, you can keep your knees bent to make this easier. If you extend your legs out all the way, you'll get a more intense workout.

    From here, just raise and lower your torso using your triceps to push off the bench. We'll do this in 4 sets of 12 for the best results.

    Next week we'll go over chest dips! Stick around and check them out!
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