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  • Staying On Track While Eating Out

    Did you get invited to eat out on a day where you really need to stay on track? It happens, it’s part of life, and the best thing that you can do is to figure out how to tackle eating out while staying healthy. It’s not always easy, and sometimes is uncomfortable for some but if you want to make it happen then it is necessary to take a few key steps.

    Plan Ahead

    One of the best things that you can do to guarantee successful healthy eating when you are out, is to plan ahead. Try to plan a restaurant ahead of time so that you can check out the menu before you go. These days you can find just about any menu online. Do your research and plan ahead of which healthy options will work for you.

    Sit Away from the Bar

    This one may sound a little strange, but request a table away from the bar. Being close to the bar can be dangerous for two reasons. One, if you are someone who enjoys drinking with a meal then it will be even more tempting. Secondly, the bar often has TVs. Most people will eat even more when watching TV.

    Request Substitutions

    There is rarely a restaurant I go to that I don’t ask for something to be cooked differently or modified. Most places these days with the amount of health conscious individuals or the amount of food allergies will be more than willing to meet your request. Ask the foods to be cooked without butter, substitute veggies for the unhealthy sides, or ask something to be grilled instead of fried. Those are quick and easy substitutions to make any meal a bit healthier.

    Drink Your Water

    Don’t skimp on your water intake when at a restaurant. Drinking lots of water can help you avoid overeating. Make sure to sip on your water throughout the dinner. It’s always a good idea not to over eat anything, even the healthy options.

    SLOW Down

    Slowing down is one of the easiest ways to eat less no matter where you are eating. By eating slowly, your stomach and your mind have enough time to catch up and let you know when you are full. Of course, when you do feel your body is full stop eating. Don’t just eat something because it is in front of you.

    Eating out, no matter what day of the week, can be done while still being healthy. Be mindful, plan ahead, and make smart decisions can help you leave the restaurant without feeling guilty!
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