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  • Sexy Bikini Body Workout Part 5: Dumbbell Curl and Press

    Part 5 of our Sexy Bikini Body Workout Series! This week we're working on our shoulders and arms with a compound exercise: the Dumbbell Curl and Press.

    Check out the video here!

    It's a complicated name, but a simple exercise. All we're doing is a dumbbell curl going straight into a shoulder press. Two sets of 12 on each arm will do the trick for most toning. So that's a total of 4 sets split between both of your arms.

    An extra little trick to maximize your motion and toning as much as possible is adding a slight supination (twist) at the top of the Shoulder Press.

    It's also important to keep control of the weight all the way up and down, so get over-ambitious with your weight selection!

    Next week we'll have the last exercise in this series. Stay tuned!
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