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  • All You Need to Know About L-Dopa

    L-Dopa - you have probably heard of it, but aside from a select group, most people donít really know much about it. L-Dopa is an amino acid that is found in most every individual. It is a precursor to dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. It is formed in the liver, passes the blood-brain barrier, and converts to dopamine in the brain. It is actually one of the few substances to be able to cross the blood brain barrier. It can be manufactured in its pure form and is used for several reasons. One of the main reasons L-Dopa is used is in order to help clinical treatment of Parkinsonís Disease.1

    The conversion of L-Dopa into dopamine in the brain allows it to be one of the standard treatments for Parkinsonís disease. It has shown to be most effective on battling slowness and rigidity that many are affected by when dealing with this disease and help to restore normal body movements. It has also been shown to have some positive effects when it comes to symptoms such as tremors. Aside from Parkinson's, it can also be used to treat other diseases that are caused by a deficiency of dopamine within the body.1

    L-Dopa has also begun to be used in various supplements you will find on the market. Thatís mostly due to the fact that many studies are showing L-Dopa to also support:

    Sexual health
    Mood enhancer
    Lean muscle growth
    Hormone regulation in both men and women
    Brain health

    Men can benefit from L-Dopa by its testosterone boosting abilities. Once converted into dopamine it works to disable prolactin which hinders testosterone production. By disabling prolactin it allows testosterone production to increase to allow your body to take full advantage of all of its benefits. In addition to boosting testosterone, it has also been shown to help boost male libido due to impotence or ED. The increase in dopamine can have many positive effects on libidio, sexual aggression, and to help increase sperm count and efficiency of the sperm.3

    L-Dopa usage has been shown to be an effective stimulator of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This can be a especially important to those who want to find a natural way to boost HGH in their body. HGH helps to promote the synthesis, the building of new protein tissue, and in return build muscle. Studies have also found it to aid in the metabolism of body fat and its conversion to energy; therefore boosting energy levels in the body. Those looking to pursue natural ways of possibly raising their HGH levels should consider L-Dopa supplementation.4

    How does L-Dopa help athletes? One of the biggest training benefits comes from dopamine's ability to help sooth muscles aches in the body as well as rebuild muscles. This is extremely helpful post-workout.

    Most recently, L-Dopa has been more popularly found in herbal and proprietary supplements as well. One of the most common and well known of these supplements is Mucuna Pruriens. Mucuna Pruriens use the L-Dopa to help boost sexual health in both men and women while also helping to: lower blood pressure, calm nerves, aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation, muscle growth, pain relief, and even to help prevent or eliminate kidney stones. Quite the list, if you ask us! L-Dopa is a highly researched supplement with high level benefits for its users.2

    If you are interested in purchasing Mucuna Pruriens, you can find them on Muscle Research. Reap all the benefits from both Mucuna pruriens and L-Dopa!


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