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Muscle Research Forums Rules

Forum Rules Participation in this forum is free as long as you agree to the terms listed below and check the “I agree” checkbox. Users violating the terms listed will be banned. Posting Rules Posting sources or asking for sources to obtain illegal drugs, steroids, ancillary meds, DNP, clen, T3, illegal pro-hormones-research liquid products, or any other product not legally sold is illegal and is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught violating these rules will be permanently banned. Products sold by large retailers to which the legalities of the product are not known will be an exception until proven to be illegal. Since laws in this industry constantly change so will the rules. You must be over 21 to engage in steroid discussion. Anyone under 21 years of age discussing pro hormones or steroids will be banned, and anyone who gives them information on steroids or pro hormones will be banned as well. If you are under 21 you should not take pro hormones, steroids, or any testosterone producing product. Discussion about purchasing or selling steroids or illegal substances on an internet forum is illegal, and any violators will be banned. Discussion about steroids or illegal drug use on a forum is legal and will be tolerated as long as all the rules stated are followed strictly. Discussion on how to convert powders and other illegal substances is prohibited. Attempting to obtain supply kits or any other products that could be perceived as steroid paraphernalia or linking to sites that supply such products is prohibited. Advertising Advertising or Linking to other forums, or websites is prohibited unless you have explicit permission from a Moderator or are an authorized sponsor. Do not provide links to other companies in your signature. Soliciting members to post logs for your company or product in any way is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized Representatives and Owners of companies are not allowed to advertise in any way. This includes answering questions about your products, offering free samples for logs, using company logos in your signature or avatar, or offering support in anyway. Special privileges may be granted to companies (sponsors) that help keep the forum running. Reps for sponsors must have their affiliation in their signature. Sponsors are not here for customer service. If you have customer service issues with a company, sponsored or not, you need to go directly to their customer service. Rule Violations Any violation of any rules on this forum may result in a permanent ban. Warnings may suffice in some situations, if you are given a warning it simply means you broke a rule, and you need to re-read the rules to make sure you don’t break it again or any other rule. Continued violation of rules could result in a permanent ban. Liability Administrators and moderators of Muscle Research LLC will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off of this forum. While it is not possible to monitor every message, post, or thread any message violating any terms in this agreement will be removed and the members responsible will be subject to warnings and/or permanent ban. Messages posted in this forum solely express the views of the author and not the owners of Muscle Research LLC, or Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin). Neither Muscle Research LLC nor vBulletin will be held responsible for the content of any message, thread, post, or blog. Moderators and administrators are not employee’s or in any way related to the ownership of Muscle Research LLC. Companies advertising on this forum are not endorsed or associated with Muscle Research LLC. Any information provided on Muscle Research LLC does not represent medical advice, and is solely the opinion of the author. Muscle Research LLC does not assume any responsibility or liability for any actions taken by members. When using this forum you agree that you will not post any messages that are illegal, obscene, vulgar, or threatening in any manner. Muscle Research LLC reserves the right to edit, remove, or move any thread for any reason, at any time.