I am still alive. 3 weeks of anavar was awesome. Felt better than anytimes. Of course ,less money due to my dick no action style- i enhacement ladies 4 money but more for fun, and that was a good thing for me,allways excited to have more spare time. So. I don t know you, and i don t want ,unless you re smart, girl or boy, better would be a chick & gotta share with you,here my plan. So i don t ask nothing inchange for it, so it is a win -win. Maybe in 29 years from now someone will see this shit. So. The DNP. A week ago i putted my hand on some SARMs. And i gotta confess. From what do I know, anabllic steroids build mass, and just among a very few can shred fat. Those are Trenbolone and Anavar. Yeah, t3/4 with clen could. HGH too. Some peptides. But when you re reffering to cutting you want the SARMS. Or the DNP in this case. Or both. For the SARMs i would have the S4 and GW501516, wich i do, and the DNP. Now. and here is what you wanna know, all you might safelly experience is a low/very low carb diet plus the GW. You don t wanna mix the DNP with the S4 SARM. The DNP might even let you blind or in a mild case,eye related , cataracts. Now it is all about supllementation, you can take Vit C, allot of it, for that. But i would say that it is more the genetic contribuiton such as steroids to gyno and prostate/or even hairfall. Yes, i know one guy who abused steroids and never took in his entire life one AI pill. The S4 with the DNP it is not a good solution esspecially if you re eye damage pron. The GW it is fine to get at 50mgeod for 4 months or so, the dnp 200/250 eod. No matter how long you use those 2, after some 4 or 5 days you start with the S4 on its own. That is. Untill you try this, exactelly how i described here you will never know. I am not advicing for any of you to ,but IF, there you have it. For me, this shred from 400 lbs permanent bulky -gutlifter to one `modest 182lbs ` phisique. AND i used 1 pill of femara each 4 days. I didn t smashed the cardio or the gym, just some random workouts, high volume and low intenisity moderate walking for my legs. Now, the only bodyparts you WILL develop during DNP unless HGH,will be the legs. Guess where do you burn the most of the energy? No i am not `blessed` for my lower part, but as a bonus I mantained my upper body ( without that fake size) meanwhile adding about 1 inch to my quads. 1 inch it is not the perfection for many but for me bringed the proportions, and therefore perfection. No ,i am not narcisit.

Any questions ?