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    Bdrol cycle for a first timer.

    I have experience with Bdrol and ran a 4 week cycle my first time but I'm helping a friend design his cycle, he's in good shape and has never used a prohormone. I know my body and anything over 5 weeks starts to give me bad back pumps and joint soreness.

    He's 150lbs and wants to put on about 15lbs using the Bdrol starter pack, I'm looking to see if I should recommend running the 8 week cycle or if I should keep him at a 4 week and then let him decide to keep running or take a break and then run another cycle.

    Any suggestions on how I can help him to get the most beneficial use out of the Bdrol cycle?

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    He'll have a hard time packing on 15 lbs. in 4 weeks of B-Drol. He'd have to eat like a mofo. 5000+ cals a day. These days bdrol is a non methylated compound and your buddy should have no problems running it for 8 weeks as far as safety goes but everyone's different try 4 first if alls good by all means go another 4. He'd have a much better chance of packing on 15 running it 8 weeks. Any thing else just ask

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    We haven't ordered his first cycle yet but I am open to something that is a bit more potent than Bdrol. I know DMZ 2.0 and 3.0 worked well for me in the PH sections. If you have a recommendation I'm all ears. I looked at his labs and he's a healthy guy, I just don't want him to waste his money on a cycle. I've run DMZ 2.0 and 3.0 and had great result but I know what works for me may not work as well for him. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Unfortunately any product on the market is going to be DHEA based. I'm not sure I could argue which ones are drastically better than B-Drol for the price. It's pretty stout.

    You could look at the Sparta line also though:

    Specifically Sparta Mass. - Cutting Edge Supplements, Wholesale Prices

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    This really gave me the strength to be a beast. While I was on this product it made me realize why steroids would be so attractive.




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