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Thread: Cycle

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    Hello guys , im 28 years 95 kgs 183cm i took many times cycles but i cant reach a shreded look.
    Im running now 4IU HGH at the morning
    700ml susta ( 350ml twice a week)
    Winstrol 100 5ml/week ( for the last 2 weeks)
    Clenbutrol 4 x 40 mcg ( 2 weeks on , one week off , 1 week on)
    L-Carnitine injection 5ml-2G x 3 per week

    Isolate protein 2 scoops per day
    Low carbs diet 3-4 meals
    Pre-workout and Bcaa
    Animal pak
    Omega 3

    Lately this weeks i added 2 pills T3
    And anavar 3 x 10 per week


    My body is good now after 3 months but i still have fat at the lower abs what do u recommend for better shredding but keeping a big mass for muscles ?

    Im thinking to switch for cutting season:

    4ml x T prop 100
    2ml x tren 100
    4ml x masteron 100
    Anavar 4 x10
    T3 , 3 x 25 mcg
    L carnitine 3x5ml 2G
    HCG 500 IU x 2
    HGH 4IU at the morning 5 days per week

    Btw my right nipple getting sensitive , i can feel the estrogen inside it so i runned 20ml Nolvadex.

    Can someone professional help me and tell me if im doing right. Thanks in advance

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    Where are you getting this cycle info from?
    Mr Supps Ambassador

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    Quote Originally Posted by double s View Post
    Where are you getting this cycle info from?
    Personal experience , reading too much and my friend is a master he prepares champions just im making sure im on the right track

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    Are you tracking calories? What are they at?
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