First want to thank everyone for the quality advice I've been reading on eroids. Just starting out and happy to find this community to get advice.

Been working out most of my life, but then got married, had kids and diagnosed with cancer all at the same time which was too much too fast and got out of shape because of all the back to back surgeries and chemo treatments. Been fighting it for past the 15 years and it finally went into remission when I started working out and eating clean five years ago. Lost all the fat I had and got down to 145 lbs and built myself up to 160 lbs. So, my goal is to stay lean and build quality muscle without getting too big. Using only the most basic 12 week test cycles to supplement my body. I feel 20 years younger and believe hormones when they get out of whack along with a sedentary lifestyle and shitty diet will fuck you up, so this is my new way of life.