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    Unhealthy ways of losing weight

    Let's say you're desperate to lose weight, what would you do? Something with as little negative consequences as possible.

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    Just cut calories. It's that simple. Easily said, I know.

    Start with not drinking anything but water. Drinking soda, tea, juice is all a ton of calorie intake.

    Stop cleaning your plate. If you go out to eat or make your own plate. Just don't finish everything. Stop, even starting with just leaving 2 bites left. You will need to curb your appetite and starts with training yourself to eat less.

    It gets more complicated because you don't want to stop eating good things nor do you want to eat too little.

    Starting with the above helps you get control, once you can accomplish this, you can get serious about the types of food to cut out. - Cutting Edge Supplements, Wholesale Prices

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    I recommend doing things 'the hard way'. Just make every day tasks slightly more physically challenging, and it will add up. Take the stairs for anything less than four floors. It's almost always faster, especially as you get stronger. Carry things in one hand longer than is comfortable, then alternate. Stand instead of sitting. Take any opportunity to exchange a long walk for a short drive. Get a bicycle. Definitely stay safe, but using your body for more activity will make it work better. Once it becomes habitual, you will always benefit from it with out having to set aside time for a gym or activities.

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