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Thread: Advice please

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    Advice please

    Due hormonal in balance (Hashimoto) I gained 7kg. I work out 5x a week 3x Interval training and 2x Fat burn. Been drinking just water and unsweetened tea, eating healthy and eating less (no sweets, no bread, lots of unprocessed veggies and fruits. I cook only on Dalmatian olive oil etc.). So instead loosing kg I gained 3 more??? Why why why

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    Even though your eating well, you must still be consuming more calories then your body is burning.

    How long do you go between eating?

    If your goal is to lose some weight and not pure mass building, I would try fasting.

    Lot's of theories and methods around this. "Fasting" is broad.

    What I prefer is not eating for 12-16 hours. Eat dinner at say 8pm and then don't eat anything until lunch the following day. - Cutting Edge Supplements, Wholesale Prices

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    I don't know.... I eat way less than before and I'm keep gaining weight.. Uggh so frustrating. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. That's it... I can try fasting, hopefully it will be useful... If not I'm going to give up

    Tnx for the tip.. I'll try it!

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