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    25% OFF Atomic Tabs Chewable Energy Supplement, Energy Shot, Drink. 83 cents/serving!

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    You can get your chewable energy shots as low as $0.83 per serving! That's 83 cents! Compare that to 5 Hr Energy at $2.99/serving, or RedBull, Monster, or Rockstar at $2.00 or more per can.

    Atomic Tabs are the chewable energy shots that taste better, and are easier and more convenient to carry (carry a 6 pack in your pocket) than other energy shots, energy drinks or energy supplements. Read our reviews on amazon and Elite Fitness and see why people love Atomic Tabs.

    Atomic Tabs also won't require the frequent restroom trips energy drinks and shots require due to the amount of liquid contained in those other products (up to 24 ounces!). Atomic Tabs don't need to be refrigerated, won't melt in your pocket or car, won't get crushed in their container, and will always taste great!

    Compare Atomic Tabs Chewable Energy supplement to other energy supps, energy drinks and energy shots:

    Discount good thru 5/5/13.

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    Thank You all for a great year!
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    Atomic Tabs Chewable Energy

    You can always take 15% off your order by using code: atomic15 at

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    Great deal here, get on this soon. Sale only goes through 5/5/13.

    Atomic Tabs has a unique Timed-Release formulation that gives you a steady, controlled energy over several hours. No jittery rush of energy, leaving you feeling cracked out, and no harsh crash either.

    PM Me for's latest discounts and sales...or for help or advice on supps and more.




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