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Thread: keto burn

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    Might have my wife give this go. I shouldn't be greedy and keep all the good suppz to myself. LOL!

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    She'll love em, they are working great for me. Check out my log if you have any a questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickRock View Post
    3 caps per day is the normal dose of Keto burn, so don't be afraid to increase your dose some. Raspberry ketones would be a great addition as well to aid your fat loss goals.
    Thanks rick for this information on keto burn dose.

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    Use this stuff darlin its going to be fun

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    making young women think "maybe"
    It worked great for me...gave me an extra 8 pound loss over previous 30 day cuts... I will use it again....

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    KB is good stuff! And I believe it's in the new rapid fat loss stack so why not go all out? :-)

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    I've done RALA w/ keto... helps u get in faster... It can be a pain bc RALA drops blood sugar & I get cranky & tired. but it helps.

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    Sorry I thought Keto Burn was the 20g or less diet haha noob mistake... Now that IK what it is, & IK the ingredients well n have used near all of them... I think I shall add it to my Osta.




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