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    Judgeing is bullshit these days as well. Most times often then not they judge off of the whole. Meaning if 6 outa 8 competitors look like shit ,they judge by what the majority look like. So even tho your wife was probably more conditioned,and had better development she's getting judged by what the others look like. I'm not saying this is why in this case ,but it happens a lot ....wich I'm sure u know this already. Just pisses me off to see someone who clearly put more time an effort in ,but gets screwed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    Nikki had her beat on quad definition and possibly overall legs, too (hard to tell from those shots 100%). Also had better delts and bigger arms and a slightly better looking ab definition. Winner looked a little more dialed in as far as lower bf% in a few areas and a bit more of a v taper (really was just more that her lats flared out just a tad). And the winners back definitely looked more dialed in.

    All that said, your wife was 5 weeks out and still beat her in a few areas, so I'd say that's incredibly impressive. And I like her abs more, too, though the winner's are a look I see winning a lot in women's shows.
    Well check this there is a story behind the girl who took 1st, and it is a small world . So the company I use for body fat testing which is a mobile hydrostatic BF testing lab per say is this really cool bro, and when we took Nikki to have her body fat tested 10 weeks out from her show there was a picture of a figure competitor he had on the wall inside the testing area...a girl he sponsors...the girl Nikki lost to . So she was really nice to Nikki backstage, and was just a sweet gal. I went up to her at the end of the show to congratulate her and we chatted for a few, she gave me her card and we put 2 and 2 it was a positive thing as she has already qualified for Nationals and this was a tune up show for her you can see the writing on the wall there .*I had asked her what body fat she was and she told me 5%...which yes great for her back, but still her legs seemed to be holding...or genetics. Nikki was at about 8% I would say, and had the definition she did, also has a couple percent to drop down and get leaner in her back...I have her doing the rowing machine for cardio days burn the back fat.

    So overall...excellent experience for both of us, a d best of all is we are a team!!! She fucking is a warrior and excellent student .

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    Dude, I think your wife had much better all aroumd development. I sometimes dont inderstand how they judge the women. Your wifes stomach, legs, and especially shoulders were much better developed and she looks fuller. The first place lady has that overly skinny starved to death look and her shoulders and stomach particularly irritate me. I hate that bony look. Her lats look a bit more developed than your wife. I think your wifes overall back development is better though. Not as dedines but more healthy looking. I dont like that emaciated look.

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    amazing bro the transformation that you guys have gone through is huge I remember seeing pics a while back and she looks amazing for this competition. The level of effort you guys have gone through is immense you must both be very proud.
    Congratulations and I'm sure you'll make it all the way good bro
    "Form is temporary, Class is permanent."

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    I'm excited to see her stage pics!)). I miss the rush of competing, but not the strict diet!! I'm such a fan of IIFYM!). I still eat well with 1 cheat meal a week. My 'bad' food for the day is my Quest bar!!

    Cudos to your wife!!!

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    She looks incredible! Well done Nikki!




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