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    How to lose belly Fat

    & get packs....!???


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    abs are made in the kitchen..oh and throw in cardio

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    Well here is the most simple way.

    Find your caloric baseline, Go to and it will tell you, your macros, Follow your macros, and lose weight.

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    Also add in cardio.

    If your not lifting already ( you should be since your on this forum) lift.

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    To lose belly fat and gain abs are 2 different things. Firstly you need to concentrate on belly fat. Take a count on your calorie intake and eat food that helps in boosting metabolism. Do excercises that works on your belly fat. After loosing belly fat you can go for weight trainings to build abs.
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    I second the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) suggestion. Not going to see abs unless you bring your body fat down, and knowing your macro intake will help you understand if your taking in the right quantities of food

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    weight training your abs will allow you to see them at a higher body fat %... but you still need to be lean to see them regardless of their size

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    The kitchen is where sbs are made. Unless you were blessed dna wise you gotta watch what youre eating

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    As far as i know losing belly fat and getting abs are totally different things.. You cann't get achieve both these goals at same time.. First you have to loss belly fat and get lean body than you should work on abs..

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    Or depending on your bf% u can build them up first and then go on a cut to save




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